Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jakarta (UPNVJ) has two Master Programs: Master of Management and Master of Laws.

More info on UPNVJ Master of Management

More info on UPNVJ Master of Laws

Requirements for Master Program (S-2) UPNVJ

  • Print out status data for S-1/D-IV students with graduated status on the website https://pddikti.kemdikbud.go.id;
  • Register online at https://pendaftaran.upnvj.ac.id/s2.html Master Program to obtain form number;
  • Pay the registration fee Rp 750.000,- at BNI by using the form number;
  • Photocopies of diploma and score transcript that have been legalized, two sheets each;
  • Photocopy of Identity Card 1 (one) sheet;
  • Photocopy of Family Register 1 (one) sheet; and
  • Latest passport photo (colour): 4x6 cm 1 (one) sheet.

Registration Schedule for Master Program (S-2) UPNVJ

Registration for Master Program (S-2) SEMA UPNVJ 2022 starts on 15 Maret 2021 s/d 24 Mei 2021 (Gelombang 1) dan 27 Mei 2021 s/d 24 Juni 2021 (Gelombang 2). This is done online on the UPN Veteran Jakarta new student registration website https://pendaftaran.upnvj.ac.id/s2.html

Registration Fee for Master Program (S-2) UPNVJ

The registration fee for new student admissions for the Master Program (S-2) SEMA UPNVJ in 2022 is Rp750.000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand rupiah).

Payments can be made at BNI via Teller, ATM, and Internet Banking. The registration fee that has been paid is non-refundable. Payment instructions can be found at https://penmaru.upnvj.ac.id/cara-pembayaran

Registration Procedures for Master Program (S-2) UPNVJ

  1. Registrants enter their full name, date of birth, cellphone number, and email to get the form number and personal identification number (PIN). 
  2. Registrants will receive their form number and PIN via email.
  3. Make payments to activate PIN.
  4. After making the payment, the Form Number and PIN can be used to login and continue with the following steps:
    1. Upload passport photo;
    2. Fill in personal data (Biodata and parent/guardian data);
    3. Fill in school origin data;
    4. Choose study program;
    5. Check the data once more, if it's already correct, click Submit; and
    6. Print out Participant Card for Master Program (SEMA UPNVJ Participant Number).
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