List of questions frequently asked:

Q : I'm a student from another campus but I want to transfer to UPN "Veteran" Jakarta. What should I do?

A : Please read the terms and requirements by clicking this link

Q : I have passed and got accepted by UPN "Veteran" Jakarta, how do I re-register?

A : All steps for re-registration including schedule, how to pay, how to fill the online form, required documents, etc. can be read by clicking this link

Q : Is the re-registration schedule listed just a schedule for online form-filling?

A : The listed schedule is the re-registration schedule as a whole, from raport verification, payment, filling the online form, submitting required documents, health check-up etc.

Q : Is there any additional cost beside the ones listed?

A : Re-registration fee for freshmen is the one listed on the 1st Semester collumn, and this fee includes all costs. So there are no additional costs.

Q : I want to pay the re-registration fee, where do I transfer the money to?

A : Payment does not use the transfer menu and does not use an account number, but uses the payment menu instead. Payments can only be made on the date listed on the schedule. You can make payments at the banks located on campus UPN "Veteran" Jakarta, Pondok Labu (BNI, Mandiri, BRI and BTN).

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021-7699431 / 021-7656971 (Ext 124)