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Public Relations UPNVJ - The International Affairs Office (KUI) of the National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta held a socialization event for the Independent Campus Learning Program regarding student exchange abroad on Thursday, October 26 2023.

So far, UPNVJ has had several collaborations with universities abroad, and one of the areas of cooperation is student exchange.

Mega Dwifarhani, a student at the UPNVJ International Relations study program, shared her experiences while studying at Ablai Khan University, Kazakhstan. He said that studying abroad had broadened his knowledge and insight into the outside world.

"Culture, language and also new friendships. This student exchange can train you to become an independent person in a foreign environment. Super exciting and life changing!" said Mega.

Not only Mega, other UPNVJ students also explained and explained in detail about the Summer Course activities at Walailak University Thailand which lasted for 14 days. Some important information related to the program was conveyed in socialization activities, which were held in a hybrid manner in face-to-face and online schemes.

Apart from promoting Student Exchange to Kazakh Ablai Khan University in Kazakhstan and the Summer Course at Walailak University in Thailand, KUI UPNVJ also promotes the MBKM Student Exchange program independently to Japan (Ritsumeikan University), Singapore (Singapore University of Social Sciences), and Malaysia (Prime University , Universiti Selangor, Universiti Sains Malaysia, and Universiti Teknologi MARA).

"Through student exchanges, students not only gain academic experience, but also non-academic experiences, starting from differences in culture and language as well as lifestyle," said Head of KUI UPNVJ Dr. Bambang Susanto, MA.

"It is hoped that this activity can further motivate UPNVJ students to take part in student exchanges within the MBKM Mandiri framework," he concluded.