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In the even semester 2022/2023, UPNVJ accepted 8 foreign students to carry out student exchanges and internships with details of 6 students from Ablai Khan University, Kazakhstan for student exchange and 2 people from Walailak University, Thailand for internships.

The eight students have carried out the program from the beginning of 2023 to June 2023. On June 13 2023, KUI UPNVJ carried out a release for these students. The Chancellor conveyed congratulations and success to the students of Ablai Khan University and Walailak University. The Chancellor conveyed to the academic community members present that in accepting the next exchange students from Ablai Khan University, the Faculty must be able to prepare them as best as possible. Followed by a short report by the Head-Sub KUI FEB. It was explained that the implementation of student exchange activities and international internship programs at FEB had run quite successfully and smoothly.

Foreign students are also given the opportunity to provide impressions and messages while studying at UPNVJ. They had interesting and enjoyable experiences while studying at UPNVJ and carried out various activities carried out in collaboration with the faculty and KUI. The exchange students gave a positive response to the implementation of visiting activities that had been carried out in areas such as Jakarta and Bandung.