Through circular letter NUMBER: 02/SE.LTMPT/2021, the LTMPT implementation team conveys information regarding student participation in SNMPTN AND SBMPTN 2021.

This was conveyed in connection with the circulation of information in the community, especially regarding "Student/Participant Participation in the 2021 SNMPTN and UTBK- SBMPTN Implementation" which is feared to be misinformation or a wrong perception, here are several important things related to the selection implementation.

1.LTMPT has never issued regulations prohibiting students/graduates of MA Religious Affairs from registering or taking part in SNMPTN, UTBK-SBMPTN 2021.

2. Selection of PTN entry routes held by LTMPT, namely SNMPTN and UTBK-SBMPTN, with the Study Programs (Prodi) offered in these two routes PROPOSED by the Chancellor of each PTN including PTKIN and State Polytechnic.

3. The study program offered by PTKIN at SNMPTN and SBMPTN 2021 is a general study program only , while the Religious study program at PTKIN is not offered at these two selections. Especially for religious studies programs, PTKIN will hold separate New Student Admissions (PMB).

4. The study programs offered by the State Polytechnic at SNMPTN and SBMPTN 2021 are only for the D4 Study Program , outside of these study programs the State Polytechnic holds New Student Admissions (PMB) separately.

5. Eligible students in class requirements) or Polytechnic (specifically for D4 study programs according to requirements).

6. Selection of SNMPTN routes using report cards. The suitability of subject grades and subject grades with the selected study program is a consideration in selection.

7. Class ), or PTKIN (general study program only and according to requirements) or Polytechnic (specifically D4 study program and according to requirements).

8. The determination of passing the selection on SNMPTN and SBMPTN is the full authority of the PTN/PTKIN Chancellor/Polytechnic Director or not under the authority of LTMPT.

Thus this information is conveyed, to provide understanding for the public, especially SMA/MA/SMK Principals, Guidance and Guidance Teachers and Class XII SMA/MA/SMK Students throughout Indonesia.