HumasUPNVJ - Quoting the TRIBUNNEWS.COM page, the following is the process for filling in school and student data (PDSS) for registration for the National Selection for State University Entrance (SNMPTN)

Monday (11/1/2021) at 15.00 WIB, PDSS begins via the LTMPT account as part of the requirements for taking part in SNMPTN 2021 .

PDSS filling takes place from January 11 2021 to February 8 2021.

The way to do this is by logging in to the official LTMPT page at .

By accessing , you can also find out the requirements for schools and SNMPTN 2021 participants.

LTMPT Chief Executive, Budi Prasetyo explained the mechanism for implementing SNMPTN, UTBK and SBMPTN for 2021.

Specifically, SNMPTN 2021 can be taken by SMA/MA/SMK class 12 students in 2021 who have superior achievements with four conditions, namely:

1. First, students have academic achievements and meet the requirements determined by each PTN.

2. Second, students have NISN and are registered with PDSS.

3. Third, have semester 1-5 report cards that have been filled in in PDSS.

4. Fourth, participants who choose the arts and sports study program are required to upload a portfolio.

Furthermore, schools also need to fulfill a number of requirements, namely having NPSN, filling in the School and Student Data Base (PDSS), and the number of students who can be registered is determined by school accreditation.

How to fill in PDSS, namely:

  1. School login at
  2. Make sure you have completed the Eligible Student Determination beforehand. If not, complete it first by following the guide at or via the following link
  3. If stage 2 has been completed, then enter the type of study per student per department
  4. Define the curriculum for each semester level by the total number of semesters that students must take minus 1 current semester
  5. Define the subjects of each semester level
  6. Finalize curriculum data. Once finalization has been carried out, the school can no longer change the type of student study or curriculum and subjects, so make sure the data is correct.
  7. Fill in the grades per student per semester level with previously defined subjects.
  8. Filling can be done per student or by bulk upload. Finalize the value data.
  9. Make sure the filling is correct.

2021 SNMPTN activity schedule

- Launch of the 2021 New Student Admission System: January 4 2021.

- LTMPT Account Registration: January 4 - February 1 2021.

- Determination of eligible students by the school: January 4 - February 8 2021.

- PDSS filling: January 11 - February 8 2021.

- SNMPTN Registration: 15 - 24 February 2021.
- Announcement of SNMPTN results: March 22 2021.

- Re-registration of participants who pass SNMPTN: see PTN page

Stages of Implementation of SNMPTN 2021

- Announcement of student quotas for each school by LTMPT.

- Register an LTMPT account for schools.

It is mandatory for schools that do not have an LTMPT account to register.

- LTMPT account registration for students.

Mandatory for all grade 12 students via the page .

- The school determines prospective participants. Based on LTMPT data from the number of students and accreditation at Dapodik-Pusdatin Kemendikbud or EMIS-Pendis Kemenag.

- PDSS filling.

- SNMPTN registration.

- Choice of PTN and Study Program. Participants can choose a maximum of two study programs from one PTN or two PTNs.

- Portfolio Upload. Mandatory for participants who choose the Arts and Sports study program.

- Selection of SNMPTN routes. Based on the criteria set by each PTN.

- Announcement of SNMPTN graduation.

- Re-registration. In accordance with the PTN where the prospective student was declared accepted.

For participants who pass the 2021 SNMPTN , they cannot take part in the 2021 UTBK-SBMPTN.

2021 SNMPTN requirements , quoted from :

School Requirements

1. SMA/SMK that has NPSN

2. Accreditation Conditions:

- Accreditation A: Top 40% in the school

- Accreditation B: top 25% in the school

- C accreditation and others: top 5% in the school.

3. Fill in the School and Student Database (PDSS).

Only student data that is filled in is eligible in accordance with the provisions.

Participant Requirements

Final class SMA/MA/SMK students (class 12) in 2021 who have superior achievements;

1. Have academic achievements and meet the requirements determined by each PTN;

2. Have NISN and be registered with PDSS

3. Have semester 1 to 5 report cards that have been filled in in PDSS;

4. Participants who choose a study program in the fields of arts and sports are required to upload a PORTFOLIO.

How to Check the 2021 SNMPTN Quota

The 2021 SNMPTN quota can be seen via the LTMPT website

- Open the site .

LTMPT website at How to Check the 2021 SNMPTN Quota on the LTMPT Website, These are the Stages of Implementing SNMPTN 2021. (Screenshot

- After that, select the SNMPTN menu and look for the School Quota submenu.

The Search by Location and Search by NPSN columns will appear

Search by Location:

- Select the School Location Province

- Select Regency/City

- Select the school, then NPSN information, Name of Accredited School, and Quota Percentage will appear

Search by NPSN:

- Enter NPSN

- Click Search