The Computer-Based Writing Examination - Joint Selection for State University Entrance (UTBK - SBMPTN) in 2022 is carried out in 2 batches:
Batch 1: May 17 2022 - May 23 2022

Batch 2: May 28 2022 - June 3 2022

In order to avoid mistakes, these are things participants must pay attention to:

1. 2022 UTBK-SBMPTN Participant Card.

2. Photocopies of diplomas that have been legalized for 2021 and 2020 graduates

3. Class 12 certificate signed by the Principal, containing the name of the student, Student NISN, School NPSN and the latest color photograph of the student (last 3 months) for the class of 2022.

4. Other personal identities such as ID card/SIM/Student Card.

In addition to important documents, other preparations that need to be done are:

1. Make sure to arrive at the exam location one hour before the exam session starts so as not to be late.

2. Dress neatly and politely (shirts/collars) without wearing T-shirts and shoes.

3. Make sure to use a medical mask (mandatory), and hansanitizer.

4. Bring personal worship equipment.

5. Provide an umbrella before it rains

In its implementation, the UPN Veterans Jakarta UTBK center will be divided into 2 locations, namely Pondok Labu Campus and Limo Campus, so that there are no errors when arriving at the location, here is a link to the location plan for the UPNVJ UTBK center:

1. Map of Pondok Labu Campus Location:

2. Map of Limo Campus Location:

As well as health protocols that must be applied:
1. Examinees are required to use medical masks and use personal hand sanitizers.
2. Exam participants must have been vaccinated. At the very least, a vaccine of the first dose. For exam participants who have not been vaccinated, they must bring antigen results 1x24 hours
3. Examinees must check-in on the Peduli Lindungi application at the UTBK location at UPN Veterans Jakarta
4. Body temperature of examinees when screening has to be <=37.5 degree Celcius
5. Maintain a minimum distance of 1-1.5 meters with others.
6. Wash your hands

Hopefully the implementation of the 2022 UTBK-SBMPTN will run smoothly.