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Requirements for Master Program (S-2) UPNVJ

  • Print out status data for S-1/D-IV students with graduated status on the website;
  • Minimum GPA 2.75 from an accredited college
  • Register online at Master Program to obtain form number;
  • Pay the registration fee Rp 750.000,- at BNI by using the form number;
  • Scan of the original or copies of diploma and score transcript that have been legalized, for prospective students who graduated from foreign universities, the diploma has to be equalized by the Director General of Higher Education;
  • Scan of original Identity Card;
  • Latest passport photo (colour)
  • Statement of ability to complete studies and guarantee of payment of study fees (format is provided in the registration application); and
  • Permission letter from work agency, for those who are already working.


Registration Schedule for Master Program (S-2) UPNVJ

Registration for Master Program (S-2) SEMA UPNVJ 2022 starts on May 24 2022 until June 5 2022 (Batch 1) and June 7 2022 until July 14 2022 (Batch 2). This is done online on the UPN Veteran Jakarta new student registration website

Registration Fee for Master Program (S-2) UPNVJ

The registration fee for new student admissions for the Master Program (S-2) SEMA UPNVJ in 2022 is Rp750.000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand rupiah).

Payments can be made at BNI via Teller, ATM, and Internet Banking. The registration fee that has been paid is non-refundable. Payment instructions can be found at


Registration Procedures for Master Program (S-2) UPNVJ

  1. Registrants enter their full name, date of birth, cellphone number, and email to get the form number and personal identification number (PIN). 
  2. Registrants will receive their form number and PIN via email.
  3. Make payments to activate PIN.
  4. After making the payment, the Form Number and PIN can be used to login and continue with the following steps:
    1. Upload passport photo;
    2. Fill in personal data (Biodata and parent/guardian data);
    3. Fill in school origin data;
    4. Choose study program;
    5. Check the data once more, if it's already correct, click Submit; and
    6. Print out Participant Card for Master Program (SEMA UPNVJ Participant Number).

Tuition Fee for Master of Laws Program

Tuition Fee Table 
Master of Laws Program 2022



Jumlah (Rupiah)


Tuition Fee per Semester (SPP)



Matriculation Money (for those who do not have a law degree)


Payments can be made at BNI via Tellers, ATMs, and Internet Banking on May 10 - June 5 2022​ (Batch 1) and June 7 - July 14 2022​ (Batch 2)). Payment instructions can be found on the official website Tuition fees that have been paid are not refundable.


Event Schedule





May 24 - June 5 2022

June 7 - July 14 2022

Payment for Registration Form

May 24 - June 6  2022

June 7 - July 15 2022

Print out Exam Card

June 8 2022

July 20 2022

Computer Based Test (CBT) & Interview (Online)

June 11 2022

July 23 2022

Acceptance Announcement

June 14 2022

July 26 2022


June 14 - 17 2022

July 26 - 29 2022


June 14 - 18 2022

July 26 - 30 2022

Matriculation Course

August 5 - 27 2022

August 5 - 27 2022


August 29 2022

August 29 2022

Exam Materials

Exam Materials
  • Case Study (5 Essay Questions)
  • Interview
  • Thesis Proposal Review in the form of a quick Power Point (PPT)


Acceptance Requirements for Master of Laws Program

  • Pass the Computer Based Test (CBT) / Computer Based Exam and Interview (Online).


Concentration of Master of Laws Program

Master of Laws
  • Criminal Laws
  • Business Laws
  • Health Laws
  • State Laws


Acceptance Announcement for Master of Laws Program

Acceptance announcement of the Master of Laws program will be on June 14 2022 (Batch 1) and July 26 2022​ (Batch 2). It will be announced through the UPN Veteran Jakarta New Student Admission Registration website at by logging in first using the Form Number and PIN.

Re-registration for Master of Laws Program

  • For prospective new students of the Master Program (S-2) who are declared to have passed must re-register on June 14 - 18 2022 (Batch 1) and July 26 - 30 2022 (Batch 2).

Study Programs and Capacity

Fakulty Educational Level Study Program Capacity
Laws Master (S-2) Laws 100




Class Time


1 Monday to Friday (08.00 - 13.00) Morning Reguler


Friday (17.00 - 21.30 WIB)
Saturday (08.00 - 16.00 WIB)

Afternoon Reguler


For more info please contact us at:

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